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Creative Exchanges and Travel Experiences around Europe
A multilateral Partnership of six special schools from five countries. 
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Priory Woods School
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Scoala Specialata

The partnership will focus on the involvement of pupils, teachers and parents from five countries across Europe in creative arts activities sport and outdoor education. Pupils and staff will have the opportunity to travel to their partner schools and experience each others lives and cultures. Individual school visits will be made and host schools will plan activities that reinforce the objectives of our project. At the beginning and end of the project we will meet together to cement friendships and create enduring partnerships.

Classes from partner schools will be twinned with each other and pupils will communicate and collaborate on joint projects that will improve their IT, reading and writing skills and their social and environmental awareness. They will exchange letters, post cards, e mails, flags and artefacts and through the use of SKYPE they will share regional and class celebrations. Students with limited communication skills will be included through the use of signs and symbols.

Those pupils who are not directly involved in the Comenius project will also have the opportunity to experience and increase their awareness of European lives and cultures. We have planned a range of activities and projects that will strengthen the European dimension of our respective school’s curriculum and have a positive impact on teaching and learning.

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