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Creative Exchanges and Travel Experiences around Europe
A multilateral Partnership of six special schools from five countries. 
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Visit in Assens, Denmark

Programme, Pictures
Report by Bjarne

Visit in  Middlesbrough, England

Visit in Lahr, Germany
Programme and Pictures
Dagbog from Dorte, David
and Claus

Visit in Lunden, Germany
Report by Corina

Visit in Targoviste, Romania
Diary by Linda

Final Meeting in Middlesbrough, England
Thank you from Cyprus

Preperation Meeting Targoviste, Romania
Photos by Ingrid and Uli
Lahr, Germany

Visit in Assens, Denmark
Photos by Georg Wimmer Schule Lahr, Germany

Visit in Lahr, Germany
Arrival, Welcome Dinner
Official Reception, Outdoor Activities
Farewell Dinner
by Georg Wimmer Schule, Lahr

Visit in Larnaca, Cyprus
Photos by Ingid and Uli
Lahr, Germany

Cyprus pupils and teachers in
Denmark, Germany north, Germany south, Romania

Pupils diary
Visit in Pilehavescolen, Assens, Denmark
by pupils from Lahr, Germany

Dagbog England
27/4 2010 – 30/4 2010

Pupils diary
Visit in Middlesbrough, England
by pupils from Lahr, Germany

The European Cookery Book
(PDF Download 7,64 MB)

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